• Gridlogics announces launch of ReleSense™ – An AI-driven NLP engine built for patent and scientific literature. With more than 12 million+ semantic rules, the engine is continuously learning from publically available patents, scientific journals, clinical trials and associated data sources. Discover More.


  • Gridlogics Launches PatSeer 360™ – The new solution provides unique insights into technologies, companies and the quality and quantity of patent portfolios they hold. With a pioneering dashboard, PatSeer 360 opens a whole new realm of possibilities for IP decision making. Read the complete press release here.
  • Darts-ip’s global patent case law data is now available through PatSeer’s patent research platform. Read the complete press release here.





  • Global patent database PatSeer now with daily and monthly subscriptions for project-driven patent search needs. Click Here


  • IFI CLAIMS Patent Services Licenses Global Patent Data to Gridlogics. Read More


  • PatSeer Oct’12 Release brings many powerful features to the PatSeer platform. Read More
  • Gridlogics launches web based patent research platform PatSeer. Read More

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