European Patent Validation And Annuity Management Service

European Patent Validations and annuity Management

Our associate company in Europe lead by highly experienced patent attorneys who has not only worked for some of the leading IP firms in Europe but also in US alongside many of the US’ largest firms and for some of the world’s largest and most instantly recognizable corporates.

Our team specifically has skills in drafting and prosecuting patent applications in diversified technology areas.

Our associates have developed a unique ‘compound’ drafting style that meets the very different demands of the EPO and the USPTO. Nowhere is this experience more valuable than in the increasingly sensitive area of patenting software where a specialist set of skills is required to successfully satisfy both the US and European patent offices.

Our associate has lead attorney for a large number of opposition and appeal cases. In relatively high-profile cases. Our associate use modern technique of involvement with customers through developed software tools to allow for automated cost estimates for EPO regional phase entry and even to complete the EPO regional phase entry.

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