Patent Drafting Service

Patent Drafting, Invalidation, FTO service, Technology Scouting and Infringement

Here at De Science Infoware we follow innovative approach and with importance on utmost quality. We carry out comprehensive Prior Art Search , with proper Identification of prior arts to jusdge uniqueness in the relevent inventions and then evaluate the validity of the patent claims.

Followed by a comprehensive prior art searching we link the prior arts work to the important features of the invention and also relevant parts of
the patent claims.

We do a very strong fool proof invalidity and validity arguments in close-coordination with our associated law practitioner in IP.

Our deliverables are then handed over in an easy to understand format for easy understanding for the customers.

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We work closely with customer to customise Reports as per the requirements. Then we touch base on our delivery and engage further for a feed back to finally and then we work further to specific arguments if any and complete the state of art work.

Technology & Competitive Landscape

Involves segmentation of a technology in various sub-components and analysis of patent & non-patent literature to draw useful insights about the competition, key markets, patenting trend, potential risks etc.

Post our deliverable we also do In-depth analysis of a technology domain to identify problems if any, challenges, technology gaps and patenting opportunities. Periodic Alerting of patents in specific technology areas filled by competitors to assess strength and develop appropriate IP strategies.

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