Patseer Announces First US expiry Date Enhancement and New Search Field for Application Type.

PatSeer is pleased to announce new and exciting content enhancements to US patent collections which are unique and extremely valuable for your Portfolio analysis/FTO and Infringement studies.

US Record type and Term Extension/Disclaimer Information Added – Every US record is now tagged as Continuation/CIP/Divisional/Additional/Reissue and more, based on its Application type and this is searchable using a new search field TTYP. Also if a Term Extension or a Terminal Disclaimer is applied then that too is searchable by the same field.

US Expiry Dates now factor Term Extensions/Terminal Disclaimers/Extended Expiry Dates– You no longer need to go into US PAIR / Orange Book or PDF to make an estimation of the Expiry Date for a US granted patent. The Estimated Expiry Date (EED) field now factors the revised expiry dates based on extension or disclaimer received. The dates are automatically applied to your analysis and also in Legal Status Timeline charts.

Based on feedback from patent professionals in corporate legal teams, together these capabilities are helping professionals reduce a lot of time wasted in manual data collation and research.

This months release update also includes many other enhancements and new capabilities. More details here.

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