Patent Database : PatSeer

One of the most comprhensive Patent database and intelligence tool

De Science Infoware has entered with a strtegic alliance with ‘Gridlogics Technologies’ for their Flagship, state of art, comprehensive and easy to use platform. PatSeer is a powerful Patent search sulution built to handle extreme needs of patent searchers and patent information professionals. Weather it is Global Covergae, complex search Scripts, nested or chained proximities, raid drawing review or flexible exports, it’s all there.

PatSeer included more than 12 million Semantic Rules, Patent, Scientific Journals, Clinical Trials which is embeded through AI driven capabilities, Ethical AI, with Semantic Search,Intelligent Categorisation, Predictive Analytics, Missed results suggester.

Patseers is a very important solution for R&D driven organisations who want to give smart global Patent search accessto research professionals across the firm. Reviewing results, download pdf or se of drawings

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