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De Science Infoware has a great record of customer success in the field of Patent Functionalities that Includes proving Global Patent Database with Unmatched Support and Trainings, We are aiming to provide a wider platform for patent researchers globally with a single point of contact for Translation Needs ( Specialised in Patent and Ready to file translation and ofcoursce Scientific Literatures), We work closely with our customer to enhance the quality of their Patent Work and reducing their substantial cost in EP Validation Service. Our Patent Drafting, Invalidation searched and FTO’s are par excellence.




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PatSeer is Highly Comprehensive with Precision

100M+ patents Records, 90 Million Full text record covering 67 Full Text jurisdictions, Nearly . 69 Million Simple Families and 66 Million Extented Families(INPADOC), 41 Million Translations, 106+ Total Patent Authorities, Users Spread Across 33+ Countries and rapidly increasing with 4000+ customers. To Give it a high precision AI and ReleSenseTM, Semantic Search, Similarity Search, Embedded NPL ( Non Patent Literatures Search) and Chemical Lookup is helping in getting relevant records in quick time. Users appreciate greatly for performing Prior Art Search, FTO Search, Patent invalidation Searches and Patent Landscapes. Contact us to know more!

Quality Translations Service for Enterprises

We state of art and expert translation Service and all language services are available at one place for more than 50 languages, editing and proofreading.

We along with our associates have provided services to More than 15,000 BUSINESS Clients Globally including nearly 100 fortune 100 companies.

We understand the importance and the highest accuracy of translation is precurser continue meeting the paramount standards of our clients,

We use the latest technological tools allowing us to reduce translation costs thus improving the value we give to our Customers. We are available for you for Complex and urgent translation needs.

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EP Validation Service:

De Science Infoware with our European associate lead by highly experienced patent attorneys who has not only worked for some of the leading IP firms in Europe but also in US alongside many of the US’ largest firms and for some of the world’s largest and most instantly recognizable corporate.

We specifically has skills in drafting and prosecuting patent applications in diversified technology areas.

We have developed a unique ‘compound’ drafting style that meets the very different demands of the EPO and the USPTO. Nowhere is this experience more valuable than in the increasingly sensitive area of patenting software where a specialist set of skills is required to successfully satisfy both the US and European patent offices.

Our associate has lead attorney for a large number of opposition and appeal cases. In relatively high-profile cases. Our associate use modern technique of involvement with customers through developed software tools to allow for automated cost estimates for EPO regional phase entry and even to complete the EPO regional phase entry.

Patent Drafting, Invalidation, FTO service, Technology Scouting and Infringement reports

Here at De Science Infoware we follow innovative approach and with importance on utmost quality. We carry out comprehensive Prior Art Search , with proper Identification of prior arts to judge uniqueness in the relevant inventions and then evaluate the validity of the patent claims. Followed by a comprehensive prior art searching we link the prior arts work to the important features of the invention and also relevant parts of the patent claims.

We do a very strong fool proof invalidity and validity arguments in close-coordination with our associated law practitioner in IP. Our deliverables are then handed over in an easy to understand format for easy understanding for the customers.

We work closely with customer to customise Reports as per the requirements. Then we touch base on our delivery and engage further for a feed back to finally and then we work further to specific arguments if any and complete the state of art work.

Technology & Competitive Landscape

Involves segmentation of a technology in various sub-components and analysis of patent & non-patent literature to draw useful insights about the competition, key markets, patenting trend, potential risks etc.

Post our deliverable we also do In-depth analysis of a technology domain to identify problems if any, challenges, technology gaps and patenting opportunities. Periodic Alerting of patents in specific technology areas filled by competitors to assess strength and develop appropriate IP strategies.

Zero Compromise Patent Search Platform

Search through our comprehensive patent database of 127 million+ records covering more than 106+ countries (incl. 65 full text authorities) using a fully featured search interface that has all the tools needed by a professional searcher. Sort results by dates, relevance and most cited records or view them in different viewing formats designed to enable quick review and scanning of large result sets. Narrow down results with our powerful filtering options that work with ease even over 100K + results.

Projects 10 Times More Powerful Than Folders

Save your results set to a project where you can rank, flag, comment on each record. Define any number of custom fields or create a hierarchical categorization to place records into. Powerful filtering technology allows you to combine all these additional fields with standard patent fields in a powerful yet intuitive interface.

Share and Collaborate the Web 2.0 Way

Decide who can access your projects, what their roles are and how you’d like to manage it. Collaborate on your patent data projects within your organization or external collaborators with ease. Setup multiple dashboards ( Patent Dashlets®) that include different combination of patent and custom fields and share them selectively with different users.

Meaningful Analytics That Drives Business Decisions

Leverage Normalized Assignee Names, Integrated Reassignment information and maintenance data in your analysis. Our powerful filtering technology works over categories and custom fields and makes it easy to answer complex questions with only a few clicks of the mouse. Co-citations, Family Tree, Citation Tree and many other tools help you gain and deliver insights with ease.

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